Citizen Pruners

Unchecked architecture is one of the main reasons trees fail. Pruning is essential for a young tree to grow into adulthood – and we want our trees to live as long as possible. Our volunteers are trained by Urban Forest Manager Mat Alain on how to properly identify and prune branches. We work in our community one to two sessions each summer, giving our urban trees some TLC. 

Want to Prune Your Tree?

Pruning makes the tree safer to be around, it improves the health and longevity of the tree, improve crop yield (of a fruit bearing tree), and can improve the appearance of the tree. All these factors are important for tree loving community members to keep our green friends healthy and safe.

For helpful advice on pruning your trees - and a number of other helpful tips to help improve the health of your trees, check out our Tree Tips page

Citizen Pruner volunteers
Citizen Pruner volunteers
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