Tree Tips

Do you have questions about trees? Here is a list of some common questions that Neighbourwoods has been asked over the years. 

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Q: What trees should I plant?

So you want to plant a tree on your property… that’s great to hear! But what is the best type of tree to plant? Well, recent thinking says that any tree planted is better than no tree planted; however, there are still certain trees better suited for a Southern Ontario urban environment. Here is an atlas of all types of trees found in Ontario.

Q: There are bugs in my tree! Is that a problem?

Some pests are harmless, but others can cause serious damage. Here is a list of some common pests that can be found in local trees and how to deal with them.

Q: Does my tree have a disease?

Trees can have spots on their leaves or sap running down their trunk. But does it mean the tree is in danger? Here is a list of some common tree diseases that can affect local trees.

I share a tree with my neighbour, but who is responsible for it?

If you have a shared tree on your property line and you want to know ownership specifics, check out this Boundary Trees website for all you need to know about Ontario laws.

If you need more specific details, check out Centre Wellington’s updated Public Forest Policy as well.

Visit Centre Wellington‘s tree information page for specifics about local information and programs.

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