Celebration Trees on hold in Centre Wellington

In collaboration with the Centre Wellington Parks Department, we leveraged community donations to plant shade trees, with plaques personalized with a name supplied by the donor, in our community parks.

This program started in 2009 and has had overwhelming success!

Click here to read about the sixth annual tree dedication in Salem at Veterans Park; in Elora at Hoffer Park, Bissell Park, Drimmie Park and Victoria Park; and in Fergus at Millburn Park and Pattison Park.

Click here to read about the tree dedications in Milburn Park, Pattison Park, Station Square Park, and Bissell Park.

What started as a germ of an idea by Donna Ross and Peter Szmidt has blossomed over the years, and now there are 134 trees planted and plaqued in more than 10 parks recognizing birthdays, anniversaries, love, lives lived, and milestones.

The extremely positive response has been a testament to the love of celebration by planting trees and has raised some interesting points in the township.  The Manager of Parks has had to put the program on hold due to the volume of requests and the ratio of limited available locations.

This brings to light the need for green space where trees care flourish!  For more information about the program please contact the Parks and Recreation department of Centre of Wellington.