Carbon Offset

Tree Trust is a made in Centre Wellington solution to help offset the carbon generated by air travel.

Tree Trust plants strong and resilient trees in your neighbourhood. We hire local, professional arborists, including members of the newly formed Centre Wellington Arborist Association to look after large old trees in our community. By extending the life of these large mature trees we are securing the carbon they have already captured until younger trees are mature enough to grow into their role as carbon capture heroes. Of course, we also know that keeping trees alive also supports the many other economic, social and environments benefits that big trees provide. Using Tree Trust is easy. Use our simple estimator below to enter the distance you have flown. Investing through Tree Trust is surprisingly inexpensive: a return flight from Toronto to Vancouver requires only $36. A trip from Toronto to Amsterdam is just $26.

Tree Trust is brought to you by the Elora Environmental Centre. In addition to being local, we have the most local carbon offset plan going! As a social enterprise, there is no HST on your donation and all payments to Tree Trust will receive a tax receipt. In one simple step you can reduce your environmental footprint!

Happy travelling and thanks for helping grow–and maintain–our local tree economy.

First historic Sugar Maple stewarded by Tree Trust. 
Coordinates: (43.682249, -80.436751)
First historic Sugar Maple stewarded by Tree Trust. Coordinates: (43.682249, -80.436751)


Q: How does an offset program work?
Air travel emits a great deal of green house gas. By planting and maintaining trees we hope to absorb and retain enough CO2 to “offset” your share of what was emitted during your flight. Trees are great at sequestering carbon from the air and need to stay healthy to keep working for us. That is why plants new trees and maintains legacy trees.


Q: How does your calculator estimate the carbon output from a flight?
The ECE looked at several carbon calculators used by airlines and environmental organizations to determine how much CO2 is emitted per passenger on a flight. Based on this research we have chosen a carbon emission number that takes into account many of variables and factors associated with air travel. For example, planes use extra fuel to take off and reach altitude, so longer flights will use a bit less and shorter flights a bit more than the calculated amount.

Our calculator is easy to use. Simply enter the duration of your flight, number of travellers and whether it is one-way or a return trip, and based on that rate, the Tree Trust calculators approximates your portion of the plane’s emissions.


Q: Where will trees be planted?
Our new trees will be planted close to the legacy trees we are caring for. This will let our larger trees protect and nurture the younger trees as they grow into fully grown carbon capture heroes!


Q: What existing trees will you care for?
Large trees often have structural issues such as dead and broken limbs. They also benefit from a professional crown reduction to reduce stress or trimming off limbs that are at risk of breaking. In the hands of our professional arborists these regular maintenance issues are looked after quickly and easily!

We choose trees in our community that are in need of this support based on recommendations from local arborists and our network of tree supporters.


Q: Can I set off my driving or home heating?
At this time, Tree Trust is offering an offset solution for flights. Sign up for the Elora Environment Centre newsletter by emailing and we will keep you posted about any additions to our program.


Q: How is this different from other offset programs?
In addition to planting new trees, Tree Trust uses our funds to look after large old trees in our community. By extending the life of these large mature trees we are securing the carbon they have already captured until the young trees we have planted are mature enough to grow into their role as carbon capture heroes.


Q: Can I offset my carbon from past trips?
You sure can! Follow this link and pledge to support ¼ or ½ of the costs associated with a complete professional legacy tree trim.
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CW Arborist Association

Tree Trust works exclusively with arborists from the Centre Wellington Arborist Association to steward public legacy trees and therefor prolong their life as carbon sinks.

Members of the CWAA are the following:

  • Fully insured, qualified certified arborists or graduates of an arboriculture program from an Ontario College.
  • Advocates and practitioners of tree preservation as their first step in addressing all tree concerns while never compromising public safety.
  • Advocates for a healthy urban forest and promoters of the best practices with their clients and the general public.

For more details and a full list of arborists in the association, visit

Tree Trust Launch

On Saturday, June 1st, Tree Trust saw its first legacy tree cared for by local, certified arborists Baum Tree Care, Full Circle Tree Care, MW Tree Service, and Out of Your Tree Care.

Tree Trust looks after local, mature trees to prolong their lives and their usefulness as carbon sinks.

We would like to thank our MP Michael Chong, Wellington-Halton Hills for showing support, and Al Koop and Gary Bryant, for sharing the history of the site. People wishing to make up for the carbon cost of their past flights can purchase retroactive offsets. With a minimum $200 purchase, you adopt 1/4 of a local, older tree and receive its picture and a certificate. The legacy tree will get ongoing care from our certified arborist team. Jason Thompson was the first to take us up on this offer, with a purchase reflecting 1/5 of his plane ticket price. Under the legacy tree, volunteers, led by Urban Forest Manager Mat Alain, planted two sugar maples donated by Green Legacy.

The launch capped off with a tree walk, led by the irrepressible, entertaining, and knowledgeable Rob Guthrie.

To offset your flight, use our handy calculator above, and hit “Offset Now.”

Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters is grateful to the clever folks at Pearl Street Communications for their support of our program. All our great Tree Trust messaging, branding and creative is thanks to their generous support and belief in working with the communities they serve. You can learn more about Pearl Street, their commitment to the BCorp movement and more of their change-making work at

We would also like to thank the Jack Kimmel Fund of the Canadian Tree Trust for supporting this innovative pilot project.

Tree Trust is a grateful for our partnership with the Centre Wellington Arborist Association


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