Tree Trust

Tree Trust is a made in Centre Wellington solution to help offset the carbon generated by air travel.

Thanks for checking out our Carbon Offset program!

Other communities were excited to see what we developed and wanted to get on board, so we have set up a new site just for Tree Trust. Many thanks to Pearl Street Communications for their invaluable support in making this happen.

So please visit where you’ll find all the details. With a click of a button you’ll be able to donate and make up for flying, driving, or simply to help important professional care for our community’s important trees in need.

Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters is grateful to the clever folks at Pearl Street Communications for their support of our program. All our great Tree Trust messaging, branding and creative is thanks to their generous support and belief in working with the communities they serve. You can learn more about Pearl Street, their commitment to the BCorp movement and more of their change-making work at

We would also like to thank the Jack Kimmel Fund of the Canadian Tree Trust for supporting this innovative pilot project.

Tree Trust is a grateful for our partnership with the Centre Wellington Arborist Association


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email: // phone: 1.888-713-4088