We know that change starts at the grass roots 

The Elora Environment Centre works within the community to deliver leading edge environmental programming. Founded in 1993, we have empowered our community to bring meaningful change up from the grassroots ever since. With three focus areas for change—trees, water, and climate—the Elora Environment Centre nurtures community sustainability from the ground up. Check out our almost 27 year history of innovation and delivering change.

As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, the Elora Environment Centre relies on our over twenty dedicated volunteers, summer students, and five-person board of directors to drive change-making in our community. We are a dynamic group who are passionate about pushing the envelope for environmentally sustainable communities—and we welcome you to make a difference with us!


Celebrate National Forest Week!

September 20-26, 2020

This summer at Neighbourwoods, we calculated the benefits of our urban forest using the inventory data that staff and an army of volunteers have collected over the last 11 years. To find out more, click here. Forest week is a great reason to check out the trees in your own yard to learn more about their value.  There is a simple, online tool you can use to calculate the natural benefits of your trees.

 To find out all about the trees on your property:

  1. Go to http://www.treebenefits.com/calculator/
  2. Press “Select a zone from the map” towards the bottoms right of the screen.
  3. Select the “North” climate zone- it’s a deep green.
  4. Enter your tree species.
  5. Enter the diameter of the tree (measure the circumference of the trunk at about shoulder height, and divide that number by 3.14).
  6. Select the land-use type of the site  if you’re doing the tree in your yard, it’s likely a single or multi-family residential.
  7. Press Calculate to see the Natural Benefits your trees provide! You can shift through the tabs at the top of the window to see how your trees help with stormwater runoff, property value, energy, air quality, and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as how the calculator works.
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As a small, determined grassroots NGO, we are very experienced in stretching every donation dollar to the fullest. We are grateful for every gift we receive. Please mail in your cheque or donate on-line through CanadaHelps.org. Either way, you will receive a tax receipt (CRA Charitable Registration #13837 3196 RR0001).