Citizen Pruner Workshop

Saturday, June 23: 9:30 to 3:30 PM in Elora.

Last summer in Elora/Fergus we ran a very successful Citizen Pruner program, with volunteers pruning around 150 trees. Not only did we help those trees avoid more drastic pruning down the road, but we offered up a very successful – and popular –  volunteer program. 

Join us for a Citizen Pruner Workshop on Saturday, June 23 in Elora.  Find out everything you need to know to implement this innovative program in YOUR community. You will learn how to equip your volunteers to safely prune young trees.

The workshop will include:

  1. A presentation from certified arborist Chris Morrison (of Storm Water Forestry)  to equip volunteers with information about how at tree grows and how to properly and safely prune a tree,
  2. how we organized the program and,
  3. field practice with Chris, pruning some local trees.

See you there!