Hiring: Back Yard Tree Planting Coordinator

Job Title: Back Yard Tree Planting Coordinator

Overall goal: To develop and deliver a pilot backyard tree planting program for up to 50 households and produce a practical “How-To” manual suitable for small municipalities. You will also be asked to assist in a one-day naturalization project at a local industrial site.

Duration: Mid-July 2021 to early January 2022. 

Job Description & Duties: The coordinator will develop a project management plan and prepare a site assessment tool for households (customers) to assess site conditions (space, availability, soil quality, etc.) of the homeowner/customer’s yard and ensure locates are completed. Some site visits may be required.

Equipped with this information, the coordinator will determine suitable species options for each site and provide one or two recommended native species to each customer. In cases where lot size is too small to accommodate a tree, the coordinator will suggest several native shrubs. The coordinator will be responsible for sourcing and ordering the stock. All of this information will be tracked and recorded in a comprehensive data base.

The coordinator will set up and deliver one or two public tree planting workshops for customers to distribute trees and demonstrate proper ways to plant, water and mulch, as well as answer any questions.

The coordinator will be responsible for conducting follow-up site visits to ensure trees were well-planted, record GPS locates for each tree and submit to the Township for their GIS urban forest data base. 

For the duration of the project, the coordinator will market the program using our website, social media accounts and traditional media channels.

During late fall and early winter, the coordinator will prepare a detailed “How-To” manual that will include lessons they learned and helpful anecdotal stories. This may be developed into a video tutorial.

Pay: This is a contract position funded in part by EcoCanada

Requirements: You must have an undergraduate degree and be under the age of 31. You will need a strong knowledge of native tree and shrub species and how to plant them, excellent customer service skills and the ability to work in an NGO environment, where problem solving skills, self-direction, and an eagerness to learn are vital. As well, we need a team member who has experience with Excel, Word Press and social media platforms.

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