Have you ever planted, mulched, or nurtured a young tree, only to find the base of the trunk to be completely torn apart?
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Injuries like this are all too common. It takes just seconds for mowers and weed trimmers to inflict this kind of damage. This can affect a tree’s long-term health and can often prove fatal.

What Can Be Done?

Well… there are some options:

  • A plastic o-ring has been thought of as an option, but these are a haven for insects, with little ventilation. Not to mention how hot they can get.

  • Then, there are cages that could be installed, but these are labour-intensive and costly.

One thing all of these options have in common is that they are all made entirely out of plastic. This means – one way or another – every tree guard winds up in a garbage dump.

This is why Neighbourwoods developed Tree Guards. These biodegradable, innovative protectors will help avoid damage to the tree while remaining completely plastic free. If you are interested in purchasing Tree Guards, please send an email to

Neighbourwoods Tree Guards are effective in many ways:

  • Breathability – they have ample airflow to prevent trapped moisture from rotting the base of the trunk.
  • Durability – while they may not have the impenetrable shielding strength of plastic, these guards are made of high-quality, recycled cardboard coated with a protective seal to prevent waterlogging.
  • Customizable – the surface of the guards a perfectly blank slate to draw designs or logos and make it your own.
  • Biodegradable – most importantly, these tree guards are carbon neutral. After a season, they begin their process of breaking down, providing nutrients to nourish the tree.
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Tree Guards Features

  • Made in Ontario with 100% end-of-life recycled cardboard
  • Easy to install – just tear the bottom slit to open the guard and place securely around the base of the tree with a little mulch
  • Lasts for an entire growing season
  • When its life is up, it will biodegrade, adding zero waste to the landscape and providing nutrients for the tree
  • Reasonably priced!

These Tree Guards can be replaced at the start of every spring for the first few years until the bark is sturdy enough to stand on its own.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this Tree Guard protect my tree from rodents?

The Neighbourwoods Tree Guard is designed for the primary purpose of protecting the young trees from mechanical damage, not so much rodent damage. A plastic wrap may be a better solution in that case.

Q: Is the Tree Guard a barrier between mowers and trimmers?

Yes! The main purpose of the Neighbourwoods Tree Guard is to protect the delicate tree bark from this type of aggressive damage, however; it is not a shield. The tree guard will most likely face serious damage and need to be replaced. But if that is the case, then you know the Tree Guard has done its job by protecting the tree.

Q: Can I modify my Tree Guard?

Absolutely, you can! You can paint it or create it any way you want. Just remember, this is biodegradable so don’t attach anything that may hinder this process.

Q: How long will this biodegradable Tree Guard last?

It will last one growing season. If by the end of the season it still intact, then go ahead and use it again.

Q: Will using this Tree Guard damage my trees?

It will not! No need worry about that.

Q: Will my tree outgrow my Tree Guard?

This depends on how large the tree is when you first start using your Tree Guard. Ideally, you would use one when it is first planted. In this case, we recommend you replace the Tree Guard as soon as it takes some mechanical damage. When the tree gets too big for the Tree Guards, mulch should suffice.

Q: What do I do if weeds grow up through the Tree Guard?

With the closed top design, weeds shouldn’t grow through it. If weeds persist, then you can carefully remove the Tree Guard temporarily, just be sure to put it back.

Tree Guards

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